汗革命 第1弾!「平塚漁業」The Sweat Revolution Part I – “Hiratsuka Fishery”



For the first part of “ASE BOUND’s” sweat revolution, we went to our leader Martin’s  hometown, Hiratsuka in Kanagawa Prefecture, to which we were kindly invited by a local Japanese man.  On August 30th, we headed down to Hiratsuka and helped out wherever we could. We pulled a huge net  full of fish onto a boat as well as partook in the separating of the many different species of fish.




Especially in this day and age where the number of people who actually cook for themselves is  decreasing all the time, we want to help promote the culture of actually procuring and eating local fish.  We want to help support the local Hiratsuka fishermen and show how hard they work to the world abroad.  To accomplish this, we sweat while helping them with their work; we experienced how things are done so  that we could relay what we learned to you now!



We began our day at 1am when the fishing boat left port.



We helped pull in the net onto the boat and attempted to separate the different varieties of fish in  the catch.




It was definitely a first for all of us to see such huge amounts of fish being caught. It was also  surprising to see quite a bit of trash come up with the fish.



By 3am, we were docked again and worked at recognizing and separating the different species of  fish.





Though at first we were unable to make out the difference between the varying species of fish, we  were kindly taught by the local fishermen and were able to finish the rest of the work by ourselves in no  time!





When the bulk of the work was over, we tried tasting the fish we had just caught. The fresh fish  did not stink or smell fishy at all, but instead was so good that we think that even those who normally  don’t like eating fish would probably love trying it!







At the end of the day, we were left with nothing but gratitude at the realization that these  fishermen are sweating and working so hard for us while the grand majority of us are sleeping in the  middle of the night. If you ever are in the area and looking for some fresh fish, come check out the
“Hiratsuka Fishing Harbour Eatery” ( for some great food!





In the near future, every member of ASE BOUND will be uploading some of their own cooking,  from traditional seafood-based cuisine to wholefood plant-based dishes, so make sure to keep up with us  on social media!