汗革命 第5弾「南湖みんなでやんべぇよ 〜行くぞ南湖!〜」The Sweat Revolution Part V – “Let’s go Nango! Cheers Everyone!”

汗革命 第弾5は、10月28日に神奈川県茅ヶ崎市南湖で行われた

「南湖みんなでやんべぇよ 〜行くぞ南湖!〜」に参加させていただきました!


For our 5th adventure, we went and volunteered at the “Let’s go Nango! Cheers Everyone!” festival located in Kanawaga Prefecture’s Nango in Chigasaki.




Nango’s GoroGoro car! We pushed kids through the festival in them!




There were so many stands selling what looked like really delicious food!




There were so many stands selling what looked like really delicious food!



そして、卵と牛乳を使用していない、ヴィーガンでも食べれる” 一丁焼このは”の「たい焼き」を発見!

We also found the “Icchoya Konoha” stand selling vegan Taiyaki! No eggs or dairy used here!




For Alexandre who is vegan, this was the first time he was able to try Japan’s Taiyaki and he was really excited about it!




He also was able to try and help carry the Omikoshi! It was really heavy apparently!




Though he only carried it for a short time, with the music, the rhythm, and the dancing, he said he felt a sense of unity with the people of Nango through this experience.




町の暖かさを感じれる茅ヶ崎市南湖のお祭り「南湖みんなでやんべぇよ 〜行くぞ南湖!〜

Everyone from Chigasaki was so nice and called out to us a lot! We had a ton of fun speaking and interacting with them!


Through this festival, we definitely felt just how great a place Chigasaki was.

Let’s go Nango! Cheers Everyone!



Thank you very much Chigasaki!